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I like wearing Leather, Rubber, Boots, Worker clothes, dirty socks, etc.
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fagdog Alex.

Day 1 as owned fagdog. it is now the property of MASTER KARL

I am sure you will train him well!

Anonymous asked
am an independent,confident, handsome, athletic,masculine whitemale in the US. wired as a sexual sub orally and clear of my role sexually and just need initiated; especially drawn to Asian masters. tired of mtg so called doms who beg me to fuck them first; ideal situtation would be a LTR thing with a guy/s as his/their sex slave/whore. if you come to IML next May, how can we get in touch? could meet there and let you pass me around all weekend with your others subs. BTW, you're amazingly handsom

You can email me: bootedray@gmail.com. How old are you? Any face pics?

with my new Dehner Patrol Boots and Sam Brown Belt!

with my new Dehner Patrol Boots and Sam Brown Belt!